Prefabricated vertical drain (PVD) is a soft soil repair method that has been for over 20 years replacing the conventional sand drain. If a building is built on soft soil that can be compacted, it will automatically occur on the soil compaction that will disrupt the stability of the structure above it. The timing of the compression that occurs may take place in a short time and tend to be very long. The use of vertical drains is what will reduce the time of compression that initially lasts a long time becomes much shorter.

Before the 1980s, soft ground compression using sand drain and horizontal sand blanket drain. This method is expensive and the processing time is very long, other than that the pores of sand can be clogged by other particles that have a diameter smaller than the sand particles so that it can block the drainage of water out of the ground.
Some of the difficulties of using this sand drain are summarized by Yeung in 1997, as follows:
1. Sand used for sand drain has certain specifications so difficult to get around the project
2. Water drainage may become inappropriate as desired due to poor installation process
3. The possibility of collapse in the soil becomes large when the sand material is inserted into the hole
4. Soil conditions may cause the inserted sands to extend beyond the specified diameter
5. The soil conditions around the sand drain will be impaired the permeability value so that water can not flow properly

In the early 1980s, prefabricated vertical drain began to develop and was used as a substitute for the use of sand drain. Installation of PVD is relatively faster and cheaper than sand drain so that at the end of 1980 began to grow and widely used. In 1987, PVD was used in conjunction with the Prefabricated Horizontal Drain (PHD) in the field project, then the method began to expand to several other countries.
Excess use of PVD than sand drain:
1. PVD is cheaper than sand drain
2. Installation of PVD is much faster and without the use of many workers and equipment
3. The flow of water is much better and controlled
Because of these advantages to date every road construction project, airport, dam, toll road always use PVD to condense soft soil. We PT Langgeng Jaya Plastindo produce PVD as well as serving rig rental for PVD installation.

Source: academia