HDPE Plastic Example

HDPE Plastic is a higher density Polyethylene. HDPE production began in the 1930s in the United Kingdom, and became popular in the 1950s in the US. Until now still popular, used for various needs. HDPE is made by assembling ethylene molecules together, which are natural gas resources.

HDPE is very popular today due to several things:
1. light but strong. Therefore automakers use HDPE as a gas tank for lighter auto components that help improve gasoline efficiency. Another example of HDPE strength is a milk bottle made from HDPE weighing 57 grams can carry a gallon of milk.
2. Hold the impact.
3. Durable and weather resistant.
4. Does not rot, resist mold and insects. So it is suitable for underground pipe to drain the water.
5. Easily formed into any shape.

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Like PET, HDPE can also be recycled. The recycling code for HDPE is number 2.

HDPE Plastic Example

  1. HD Blowing : botol oli, botol shampoo (pisah warna)
  2. HDA tutup : semua tutup botol (mix, pisah warna)
    -. HDA sembur : warna campur
    -. Pisah warna : harga beda