ldpe plastic example

Plastik LDPE Plastic are the first polyethylene to be made, prior to HDPE. LDPE as the name implies has a lower density.
LDPE like plastic is generally resistant to impact, water resistance and chemicals. As with most plastics, LDPE can also be recycled with resin code number 4. The LDPE molecule is more branched than HDPE (about 2% Carbon atoms), that is what causes LDPE density to be lower than HDPE. This LDPE material is difficult to destroy, but it is good for food because it is difficult to react chemically with foods packed with this ingredient.

LDPE Plastic Characteristic

  1. LDPE is flexible, tough, and relatively transparent.
  2. LDPE has density range between 0,910 – 0,940 g/cm3
  3. LDPE can withstand temperatures around 80℃ continously
  4. LDPE is more resilient than HDPE
  5. LDPE has excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and esters.

LDPE Plastic Products

  1. Bottle caps
  2. Bottles
  3. Containers
  4. Plastic bags
  5. Computer hardware packaging